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US-6819159-B1: Level shifter circuit patent, US-6847719-B1: Limiting receiver access to secure read-only communications over a network by preventing access to source-formatted plaintext patent, US-6863143-B2: Power transmission device for automobile patent, US-6879377-B2: Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent, US-6886066-B2: Method and apparatus for sharing signal pins on an interface between a system controller and peripheral integrated circuits patent, US-7067507-B2: Macrocycles useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease patent, US-7073951-B2: Piloting configuration for thrust bearing assembly patent, US-7106752-B2: Apparatus for scheduling packets and method of doing the same patent, US-7108656-B2: Endoscope apparatus patent, US-7109382-B2: Method for the production of formaldehyde patent, US-7143997-B2: Plug assembly for a faucet to automatically stop water flow patent, US-7147317-B2: Print medium including a heat-sealable layer patent, US-7201170-B2: Support structure for adult devices patent, US-7367201-B1: Air conditioning fan patent, US-7443044-B2: Engine control device patent, US-7465033-B2: Self-referencing printhead assembly patent, US-7542057-B2: Method for simultaneously adjusting brightness and contrast of a display patent, US-7600940-B1: Ball joint with spacer cup patent, US-7675832-B2: Optical element feeding device driving method and optical disk apparatus patent, US-7720380-B2: Optical transmission apparatus in ring transmission system patent, US-7849317-B2: Method for mail address block image information encoding, protection and recovery in postal payment applications patent, US-7868263-B2: Percussion hand-held power tool with contactless manual switch located in side handle patent, US-7886287-B1: Method and apparatus for hot updating of running processes patent, US-7945005-B2: Method and module for estimating transmission chanels of a multi-antenna multi-carrier system patent, US-7956660-B2: Signal processing device patent, US-7977242-B2: Double mask self-aligned double patterning technology (SADPT) process patent, US-8152252-B2: Slide assembly patent, US-8201031-B2: System and method for removing PDCCH detection errors in a telecommunications network patent, US-8306065-B2: Data distribution apparatus, relay apparatus and data distribution method patent, US-8334997-B2: Image forming apparatus, program and image forming system patent, US-8368377-B2: Voltage regulator architecture patent, US-8384489-B2: Serpentine micro-strip lines configured in an aggressor/victim type transmission line structure patent, US-8387464-B2: Laterally integrated MEMS sensor device with multi-stimulus sensing patent, US-8399285-B2: Phase change memory device having a bent heater and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8492101-B2: Chemiluminescent enzyme assay method and apparatus patent, US-6827717-B2: Monopolar and bipolar electrode for a urological resectoscope patent, US-6836866-B2: Circuit including a built-in self-test patent, US-6882395-B2: Wide viewing angle fringe field multi-domain aligned LCD with electrically conductive grids and method for fabricating patent, US-6897087-B2: Method for producing organic EL display patent, US-6976455-B2: Fuel system for an LPG engine patent, US-7014595-B2: Ice skating training apparatus for playing hockey patent, US-7019163-B2: Process for producing perfluorovinylcarboxylic acid ester patent, US-7046887-B2: Polarization preserving optical fiber and absolute single polarization optical fiber patent, US-7049830-B1: Sensor device and method for interrogating a sensor device patent, US-7082648-B2: Air/water-tight slide fastener patent, US-7082968-B2: Magazine strip for ratchets and tool for handling the same patent, US-7103104-B1: Embedding auxiliary data in an information signal patent, US-7166834-B2: Method and apparatus for determining the thermal neutron capture cross-section of a subsurface formation from a borehole patent, US-7193477-B2: Concurrent triple-band gain amplifier for multi-standard coexist communications patent, US-7337012-B2: Stretchable polymer-based electronic device patent, US-7338768-B1: Carrier-reporter bead assemblies patent, US-7372944-B2: X-ray diagnostics device and method for controlling an X-ray diagnostics device patent, US-7434889-B2: Self-propelled concrete saw with forward motion speed control system patent, US-7466278-B1: Buoyant cable antenna system and method with articulating blocks patent, US-7485760-B2: Integrated HFC trans-1234ze manufacture process patent, US-7504375-B2: Antimicrobial polypeptides patent, US-7626782-B1: Disk drive employing iterative learning control for tuning seek servo loop patent, US-7672067-B2: Optical device, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method patent, US-7718425-B2: Use of a B-cell-depleting antibody for treatment of polyoma virus infections patent, US-7851914-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, US-7875819-B2: Panel operator structure for electronic equipment patent, US-7907344-B2: Variable dispersion compensator and method of controlling the same patent, US-7969220-B2: Delay circuit patent, US-8090992-B2: Handling of clustered media errors in raid environment patent, US-8095021-B2: Image forming device determining refilled product patent, US-8099383-B2: Apparatus and method for defining report parts patent, US-8129992-B2: Bore tube assembly patent, US-8135405-B2: Efficient search for wireless networks while minimizing page loss patent, US-8157710-B2: Multi-axis resistance exercise devices and systems patent, US-8172504-B2: Hybrid impingement cooled airfoil patent, US-8220338-B2: Pressure sensor and manufacturing method patent, US-8345622-B2: Method for transmitting and receiving MAP in wireless mobile communication system and system therefor patent, US-8458299-B2: Metadata management method for NAS global namespace design patent, US-6752193-B1: Retractable awning patent, US-6794503-B2: Process for the preparation of fluorosteroids patent, US-6891980-B2: Method and apparatus for analysis of schlieren patent, US-7047333-B2: Method for the serial transfer of data between two electronic bus stations and communication system patent, US-7061661-B2: Electromechanical display panel incorporating a porous movable film patent, US-7302144-B2: Indoor optical fiber cable patent, US-7401475-B2: Thermodynamic systems operating with near-isothermal compression and expansion cycles patent, US-7413647-B2: Method and apparatus for upgrading bituminous material patent, US-7424866-B1: Tossable pet toy for holding consumable treats patent, US-7428886-B1: Two-cycle engine and compressor patent, US-7462044-B1: Thumb drive with retractable USB connector patent, US-7578018-B2: Washing machine and method for supplying water thereof patent, US-7590944-B2: Scrollable and re-sizeable formula bar patent, US-7623302-B2: Cam drive mechanism, lens barrel and camera patent, US-7663799-B2: Display apparatus patent, US-7775123-B2: Weld inspection rig and related method for use patent, US-7978864-B2: Audio signal processing system patent, US-7992974-B2: Inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-8029246-B2: Pressure-operated mechanism and water pump including the same patent, US-8170638-B2: MEMS flexible substrate neural probe and method of fabricating same patent, US-8210437-B2: Data capture terminal with automatic focusing over a limited range of working distances patent, US-8310944-B2: Signal-to-interference + noise ratio estimator and method, mobile terminal having this estimator patent, US-8331528-B2: Intraoral x-ray system patent, US-8356271-B2: Layout testing method and wafer manufacturing method patent, US-8395343-B2: Rotation speed control circuit, rotation speed control method and fan system patent, US-8441483-B2: Image generating device, image generating method, information recording medium, and program patent, US-6758158-B2: Unsinkable vessel system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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